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March 23, 2022: Then and Now

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Kay Adams

It is said when one door closes, a window opens. This adage has often proven itself to be true during the course of my life, most especially in the last couple of years. As I am soon to begin my sixty-third orbit around this old sun of ours, I can’t help but be reminded of the closed doors I bloodied my hands trying to pry open when wide-open windows were right there all along, beckoning me to embark on a different path.

When we began this adventure, I could never have guessed co-authoring my first novel with Nancy would become one of those windows. The process of writing—putting just the right words to paper, or these days on a computer screen, is a long-held fascination of mine. Over the years, I’ve run the gamut from writing short stories and essays to authoring a weekly newsletter for my business clients. With the exception of the newsletters, I’ve rarely shared my writing with anyone. Most of my dearest friends could easily attest they’ve not read anything I’ve written, much less know of all the hours I’ve spent banging away at a keyboard when nobody else was looking. But Nancy knew, and she had unearthed a story she was kind enough to ask me to help her write.

Ours is not a literary masterpiece that seeks to find answers to the age-old philosophical questions. It is simply a compelling story, one that is well-written and painstakingly researched, that we both feel deserves to be told. And one we hope others will enjoy reading. But to me, writing this book was an unexpected lifeline.

You see, this project, coupled with the unwavering love and support gifted to me by Nancy and all the other members of my "tribe" gave me the strength and the courage I needed to walk away from an unhealthy and abusive situation and reclaim my life. I am eternally grateful to those who threw open a window by opening their homes and their hearts when I needed a place to stay and be loved. I remain humbled by those who never ceased to provide solace when I could find none. And to all those who gently guided me along the path of healing with words of encouragement and empowerment when I thought I was irretrievably broken, it is to these dear people I give full credit for the beautiful, fulfilling, and joyous life I am now blessed to experience.

Completing this book after starting over again from scratch … well at my age, it can be a lot to take in when I think back on it. But now, as Nancy and I await publication and work diligently on our second book, life has never been fuller or sweeter. Aren’t I the lucky one?

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