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Welcome to the Markey-Adams Blog

We will begin publishing regular additions to this blog shortly … stay tuned!

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Walking Up and Down the Cliff Walk by Nancy Markey

One of Newport’s most popular attractions is its famed Cliff Walk, a meandering three-and one-half-mile public walkway that hugs the Atlantic Ocean from Memorial Boulevard to Ledge Road. In its early

April 29, 2022: The Editing Process

When Nancy and I completed our first draft of HIS ONE WICKED DEED last October, the book weighed in at roughly 500 pages and over 135,000 words. Naivety swelled in our debut novelists’ hearts. Surely

March 23, 2022: Then and Now

Posted by Kay Adams It is said when one door closes, a window opens. This adage has often proven itself to be true during the course of my life, most especially in the last couple of years. As I am so


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